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Insulation Coatings & Adhesives and Application Accessories

Note: Not all items are listed.  Please contact us if you need additional information.

Coatings & Adhesives

Armaflex® 520 Adhesive
For use with Armaflex insulations

Armaflex® WB Finish
For use with Armaflex insulations

Speedline Welding Adhesive
Used to bond PVC plastic to itself

Stick Pin Adhesive
For adhering anchors for hanging  insulation

Polyguard RG2400® LT
​  Anti-Corrosion Coating

Polyguard RG2400® ET
  Anti-corrosion Coating

CP-10 & CP-11 Mastic
  Durable water based vinyl-acrylic  mastic 

CP-35 Low Perm Mastic
  Water based vapor retarder coating

CP-50A Lagging Adhesive
  For finishing and adhering lagging  cloths over insulation

CP-70 Flexible Sealant
  Non-shrinking, permanently  flexible sealant for a variety of  applications

Pittcote® 300 Finish
  (for use with FOAMGLAS Insulation)

Pittcote® 404 Coating
  (for use with FOAMGLAS Insulation)